Apostille for a College or School Attendance Certificate 

A certificate of attendance (also certificate of participation or certificate of completion) is an official document proving the attendance of a class, a course, etc.. in a College, or School.

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E Apostille For College OR School Attendance Certificate

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This form can be required for various reasons, among these reasons are the following:

Form Criteria:

In the United States and Canada, a certificate of attendance this certificate can be given to students who complete the K-12 (kindergarten through 12th grade) program but do not meet the requirements for the high school diploma or the modified diploma.

School Attendance Certificate:  

Students who complete 12th grade but did not obtain enough credits, did not complete all core courses, did not pass required testing or did not meet the goals outlined in their individualized program will still be acknowledged in the graduation ceremony; they will walk across the stage in cap and gown, and will look like a graduate. Instead of receiving a diploma, however, they will receive a certificate of attendance. Some students are encouraged to return to school for either a full year or more (and then to graduate whenever they finish) to make up their credits, pass required testing or meet their goals, and finally obtain a regular or modified diploma. Some alternative programs allow students to finish in half year provided that they meet certain requirements. Certificates of attendance are also given to students that participate in early college or other such programs, as the school will withhold a credit to keep them enrolled in high school as they continue their college program.

Certification of completion: 

Upon completion of a college, university, or vocational school certificate program, students generally receive a certification of completion or certificate of achievement, not a degree or diploma. Also Candidates who are enrolled in an institution as full or part-time students may be able to transfer these certificates to degree programs at other institutions.

For students with disabilities:  

Students with disabilities who complete the required Individualized Education Program but do not meet the requirements of the high school diploma who complete 12th grade may also be awarded a certificate of completion.

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