Apostille for a Declaration of Conformity Certificate

A “Declaration of Conformity” is a document issued either by U.S. suppliers and attested by an inspection agency, or it can be a certificate issued by the Inspection agency itself, indicating that suppliers are implementing their exports in conformity with the required specifications, regardless whether the goods are food products, medicines, equipment, etc….with respect to specifications, such quality, quantity, or validity of the exported goods, etc…

step 1:

Upload your document in PDF format.

step 2:

Fill order form and verify the authenticity of your document.

step 3:

Decide method of shipping.

step 4:

Pay a total fee of $50

E Apostille For A Declaration of Conformity 

We, at E-Apostille, can provide you with all your commercial document certification work. You can initiate your order right now. Please use our E-Apostille (Electronic Apostille) service for your Declaration of Conformity Certificate, by uploading your document in PDF format to our website and fill up our order form, and specify which type of mail/courier we should use to send you back the Apostilled document. This way you will save a one-way postal (or courier) service cost, and time. Generally speaking, our fees for this type of service is a fixed $50.0. After certification is complete, you can use Fedex courier service, through which we will be able to expedite your documents efficiently and safely. The cost for using Fedex service is $5.00 U.S. Dollars.

Who can issue this certificate:  

Such document can also be issued by various inspection agencies, such as SGS Inspection company, which is capable of issuing such declaration, and to certify same from suppliers. 

The “Declaration of Conformity” document sometimes can be extremely crucial for concluding a purchase order or contract, especially for some chemical/medicinal products. Hence, some big volume/big value exports may depend highly on it.  

To have this document ready and fully certified, among other required shipping documents (Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin) will make a client more confident about the type of goods he is buying; plus, this Declaration sometimes is a must for the authorities of the country where these goods are destined. 

More about the DoC: 

the DoC provides users and consumers an additional assurance, as to the quality of the product, while giving the sellers something to rely on as to the general merchantability of the product—provided, of course, that it actually meets the required standards. In return, it results in a reduction of transaction expenses related to buying and selling goods that consumers might otherwise don’t trust, and in some cases provides a safety net or liability shield for producers related to some risks to consumers.

What should be included in a DoC:  

A DoC certificate should basically contain the following information: your name and full business address, or that of your authorized representative. the product's serial number, model or identification type, and a statement that you take full responsibility of the product you are exporting.

Who issues the DoC:  

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that a product sold in the U.S. is safe and meets the requirements of the relevant directives. The manufacturer draws up the product's U.S. declaration of conformity and affixes the relevant mark on it.

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