Electronic Apostille for a Copy of A CORPORATE DOCUMENT

step 1:

Upload your document in PDF format.

step 2:

Fill order form and verify the authenticity of your document.

step 3:

Decide method of shipping.

step 4:

Pay a total fee of $50

 What is “Certified Copies of Documents?

Corporate Documents”, “Certified Corporate Documents”,  

           It could be any of the following: 

 What is E-Apostille (Electronic Apostille) service: 

  1. This is an easy process created to facilitate the certification process for some (not all) types of documents. Now you can use the E-Apostille (Electronic Apostille) service by uploading your document in PDF format to our website and fill up our order form, and specify which type of mail/courier we should use to send you back the Apostilled document. This way you will save a one-way postal (or courier) service cost, and time. Generally speaking, our fees for this type of service is a fixed $50.0. 

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