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ISO Certificate: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a Worldwide Federation of National Standards bodies. ISO is a nongovernmental organization that comprises standards bodies from more than 160 countries with one standards body presenting each member country. Read more about the ISO certificate below.

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What does it mean to get the ISO certification: 

ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. 

Where are the ISO awarding offices located:   

In most developed and or industrialized countries, there is an office that represents ISO Organization. The function of this office is to conduct occasional inspection visits to producers and exporters in this country upon these producers’ request; where the ISO representative follows a specific instructions list set by ISO organization. This list is meant to give a general conclusion on how this company, manufacturer, exporter works and the quality of work. Based on the result of this visit, ISO representative issues its report which is presented to ISO head office. Subsequently, an ISO certificate is presented to the applicant company, certifying that this exporter/manufacturer is following the general international rules and procedures set by ISO, and hence it is qualified to get the ISO certificate. 

Who needs ISO certification: 

ISO certification is a must-have, almost for any organization. It is a mark of quality and credibility for any company. There are different kinds of ISO 9001 certifications, based on the kind of business a company is into. No matter how big or small a company is, an ISO certification is always an asset for the organization. 

Why would a company need ISO certification: 

Apart from the standardization of an organization, ISO plays an important role in its proper functioning and efficiency improvement. 

An ISO Certificate is also useful to have, for the following reasons: 

Improved Processes:

One of the first reasons that any organization should go for ISO certification is because it addresses all key processes throughout the company. Taking into the specifications mentioned by ISO, the company maintains standard protocol of quality which eventually helps in improving products and services.

Customer satisfaction:

The ultimate objective of any organization is to provide customer satisfaction. To achieve this, every organization adopts different policies. Upon reaching a certain degree of high quality production, it will be time for ISO certification, who is best to evaluate a company’s achievement. Besides, worldwide customers recognize those companies that are accredited by ISO.  

Right decision making:

One of the key things that are imperative for any organization is the right decision making. Companies must make a decision based on an analysis of the information and processes that are followed rather than a gut feeling. Here comes the role of ISO. It offers a structured framework for quality management, thus, ensuring the right decision making.

Meet government tender requirements:

Any organization that wishes to offer its products to a government entity needs to be heavily supported by credible documentation, so that it can match the criteria specified by the government buyer. Government tenders usually sets the ISO certification as qualifying criteria. Hence, having this certification makes your company eligible to apply for government contracts.

Establishing credibility:

Any organization that wants to gain a competitive edge needs to make itself credible. There are various ways adopted by an organization to achieve the same, and one of them is by going for ISO certification. 

Saving on the cost:

With the standard quality management protocol specified by ISO, there will be a lesser probability of repair and other losses, thus helping save on service and maintenance expenses. 

Skillful Employees:

One of the key elements that any company needs to get ISO certification is training its staff. Staff training provides the necessary tools for them to perform their tasks.  


With ISO certification, it will be easier for organizations to take control of their business processes. After its visit to a certain production plant, ISO representative sets the specific protocol which every organization needs to follow. 

Get detailed report on how this organization functions:

The ISO certification requires that any ISO certification applicant must have a documented, detailed process using business metrics for review by ISO staff, where the final objective is to derive a detailed guideline for the proper functioning of the organization. This guideline will become a reference protocol for the Applicant in the future. 

Achieve international quality recognition:

Knowing that ISO is a globally recognized quality standard certifier, any organization that has this certification must be working up to international quality standards.  

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